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Mar 26, 2013 4:00am PDT
the republican's 2012 presidential campaign filed a complaint with the federal election commission alleging that political action committee funds were improperly used to pay staffers and others. the office of congressional ethics is conducting a preliminary investigation and could dismiss the case or refer it to the house ethics committee. >>> a new jersey man stepping forward yesterday to claim the $338 million powerball jackpot. talking about 44-year-old bodega owner pedro cassada telling reporters he was tired and nervous after turning in the winning ticket. we can bet that. the dominican-born father of five says he is very happy and intends to help his family with the winnings. his wife says she never expected to win and still can't believe it. 13 other tickets worth $1 million each fell just one number short of that jackpot. one happy guy. >>> a criminal indictment claims punxsutawney phil falsely predicted this year's early spring. but the famous groundhog's handler decided to take the blame. groundhog club inner circle president bill dealy told reporters while phil called fo
Mar 18, 2013 4:00am PDT
palin suggested that political architects like rove who lost elections in 2012 should get out of the business or run for office themselves. >> the architect can head on back to -- [ applause ] he can head on back to the great lone star state and put their name on some ballot. >> rove wasted no time going after palin. >> i don't think i'm a particularly good candidate, sort of a balding fat guy. second of all, i would say if i did run for office and win i would serve out my term. i wouldn't leave office midterm. >> perhaps alluding to the fact that palin resigned her governorship midway through the first term in office. >>> pope francis completed his first sunday as pontiff with his signature down-to-earth style. he started the day greeting crowds before leaving mass at st. peter's. he then went into the crowd catching his security detail off guard. hundreds of thousands poured into st. peter's square and erupted into cheers when their new pope stepped to the window to give his blessing which he closed with a casual "enjoy your afternoon. enjoy a good lunch." >>> vice president joe bi
Mar 25, 2013 4:00am PDT
on iraq's transition to democracy as it prepares for upcoming elections at a time when violence is on the rise. >>> back here in the u.s., we're watching a lot of weather. bill karins here with a look at the northeast. you say you're promising this will be the last time. >> it has to be, right? >> i hope you're right. >> ten inches of snow in denver, nine in condition can city. st. louis had 12 inches. this isn't your average snowstorm. st. louis is not a very snowy city. they got a foot of snow. it was the most snow they've had in one single storm going back since 1982. and here it was, the end of march. st. louis should typically be about 60 degrees. i think you get the gist. the storm is moving through the ohio valley, now hitting maryland, d.c. and maryland. we've picked up as much as three to four inches in some areas of maryland. that's pushing into philadelphia and new jersey. the storm will be gone by tomorrow. indianapolis and columbus, around six inches there. d.c. will probably end up with two to four. same with maryland. philadelphia and new york city, a little less. on
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3